Seeing patients in Oregon.

Landmark serves patients throughout the tri-county area of Portland.

Office Locations

Landmark’s community-based providers and multidisciplinary care teams live and work near our patients. We go to them – where they reside and when they need care. We connect as a team in our local offices to collaborate on patient cases in order to see and treat the whole patient.

Interested in being a Landmark patient?

Call Landmark at the number below to see if you qualify.

Landmark services are available to patients who qualify through their health plan or provider organization. Eligible patients have multiple chronic health conditions and are enrolled in one of the organizations shown below. Call Landmark if you or a loved one meet this criteria.

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My Landmark doctor comes to visit me about once a month or whenever I call for an appointment. They have even done X-rays here at my home. Landmark calls my primary care doctor and informs him of what is going on with me. I still see my primary care doctor and specialists too.

Michael Sullivan Landmark Patient

I worked in a hospital for 15 years and came from there to Landmark. It's almost impossible to know a patient as well if you don't see them in their home environment. And so you immediately see their resources, you see their needs, you see their family, that's the best, that's one of the best parts about the job.

Kathleen Lipiec Landmark Social Worker

What does it cost?

For many patients, Landmark’s services are available at no cost. We can do this because of our partnership model with health plans, also called insurance companies. We work with health plan members who have multiple chronic conditions. We offer additional care and support to help keep patients healthy at home, avoiding unnecessary emergency room or urgent care visits.

Exciting career opportunities in Oregon

Is your career in medicine everything you envisioned? Medicine is moving home. Join our mission and movement to bring preventative and urgent care to patients with serious illness where they live. We are actively hiring medical providers throughout the U.S.

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